There is something about saying the word sex that makes us giggly and sends us wanting to hide with almost a juvenile sense of embarrassment. Why? Especially when sex is such a natural thing?

Well, I believe it’s time to change that.

Too often many of us are out of touch with our bodies and our sexuality. That to have pleasure and love in its highest form is simply a dream. It makes sense that we would feel that way as most of us have not been exposed to many models of lasting love relationships.

Think about it—how many loving, passionate relationships can you count around you? The type of relationships that send you into instant feel good vibes?

Bet that you can count them on one hand.

Society and our cultural programming has told us that amazing sex and the expression of it is something that only happens under the sheets and in the dark. This beautiful act of intimacy gets reduced down to an experience of shame and reserve.

I am passionate about freeing us. I am here to support you to revolutionize your thoughts around sex and switch it up so that you can open yourself up to pleasure.

Some of the topics I cover:

  • Sexual Empowerment
  • Bringing your Relationship back from the Brink

I am passionate about changing the face of how we experience sexuality and empowering you to have more generous and authentic sensual experiences.

Working with me is different than seeing a counselor. Think of working with me as a mix between your therapist and a personal trainer. This is not a process that is going to be accomplished through just dialogue. While we will do lots of talking, there is also an active/practical portion. It takes a time commitment to work through the healing process, reprogram and to create a different foundation for you to build a new version of intimacy for yourself. We will use a mix of tantric excercises and traditional methods to ignite the passion that I know the two of you have!

I strive to switch up the way we view ourselves sexually and how this translates into the relationships that we have. I am enthralled with the idea of experiencing exquisite pleasure in its most intimate form. I am all about exploring the tantalizing places of sexual fulfillment with a partner or partners (Yes, I am open to it all 😉).

I am bold enough to challenge the conventional narratives surrounding our sexual interactions versus the changing dynamics of our times.

I want to lend a voice to the Divinity of Sex.

To the ultimate power of connection that passion and amazing sex can add into fabric of our lives. Sex simply adds. It adds love, confidence, intimacy; I am all about supporting you build better love relationships, have amazing sex, and heighten your awareness of your sensual sense.

Why I do what, I do….

A catastrophic car accident, becoming the care-giver of my two young grandchildren, and facing the fact that I just was not into hairdressing in the same way I once was, really caused me to slow down and switch directions. It was through the art of hair styling that I discovered what my life passion is; the connections I made from the conversations, tales and listening.

It was in these sharings, the bouts of laughter and sometimes tears, that I learned so much about myself. That is why I am now using these special lessons, my own lived experiences, and my Coaching Certifications to offer Kerry Sutra.

My focus is on all the juicy stuff—Love, Sex and Relationships. 

Lets find out why you do not feel connected to your sexuality, or your partner anymore. Discover your sensuality and discover greater intimacy for yourself and your partner. Honest and open, but with a different delivery. 

Using mindfulness practices, wholeness exercises, and coupled with many doses of real time love, I am offering coaching services that are geared towards helping you create a happier, more centered YOU.

My goal is to help you navigate the biggest parts of life—

Bigger love and better relationships.

Together we can figure out how to call in that love you’ve always wanted.


They say every coach has a coach.  I have been blessed with a scintillating experience. One of divinity, safety, trust and flow. This merely scratches the surface on the massive wall of words to describe my experience with Kerry. Not only did she work with me on truly sparking my sensuality and how to use it in my daily life, but she did it in such an organic way that made me feel welcomed – wholly and, as I am. Thanks to her professionalism, expertise and ability to hold space, I was able to successfully move through blockages and bullshit from my past that had long held me back. It was with her natural, loving guidance that I rediscovered my sensual side.  The depth of transformation which occurred in our 6 weeks together was powerful and the transformation continues!!!

Thank you Kerry, for your time, energy, love and support!!  


Richelle H