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Are you ready to heal so that you can feel?…

Hi, I’m Kerry!

Let’s Break The Cycle Between Pleasure &  Pain. 

Free Offering

Up Your Pleasure Power In 7 Days!


My Offerings:

Relationship & Intimacy

I specialize on helping partners come back to being lovers.


Step into your power by changing the way you see your sexuality and sex.

Diversity Offerings

Indulge in acceptance, truth and love for those of us who are a part of the gender and sexually diverse community.

Corporate Packages

The way we connect with our bodies is the way we connect with the world. Contact me to talk about my speaking packages and consulting work.



Orgasmic reclamation! Learn about the power of pleasure and learn the ways to be able to offer it to yourself.


Put your sexpertise to the test! Learn tools of the erotic and lean into the will of your deepest desires.


Commentary to help you have better relationships with your partner(s), and in life itself!


Kerry’s process helped me to open up spiritually, physically, and sensually to find my inner peace.

AB – One on One Client

  Kerry’s knowledge around trauma-informed healing and embracing our sensuality is apparent and creates a strong foundation for feeling into the inner work

Jothi- Good Girls Do Process

Thanks to her professionalism, expertise and ability to hold space, I was able to successfully move through blockages from my past that had long held me back.

MN- One-on-One Client

  Break The Cycle Between Pleasure & Inter-Generational Pain.

✔❤ Shatter the patriarchal programming that has decided what your sexuality should look like.

✔❤ Create a new relationship with your body.

✔❤ Open up to the potential that pleasure has to offer for a fuller, more complete life.

✔❤ You are ready to create the love relationships of your dreams.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Find  Your Sensual Sense Today!