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Kerry Goring

Re Imagining Relationships



Kerryosity Consulting

Hey there,
I’m Kerry.

Rethinking the way we are in relationships. 

With our Partners.

The Land.

With Ourselves.

I’m affectionately known as the ‘Pleasure Activist‘, I see myself as a multifaceted professional with a unique perspective on intersectional cultural and social dichotomies.

As a speaker, writer, and social commenter, I bring my unique expertise as a trauma-informed Intimacy & Relationship Expert.

I exemplify the power of integrating my lived experience with personal passion.

Check the link if you want to know more about my signature program, Practice to Pleasure, and get access to my YouTube channel KerrySutraTV, for all the newest tips and tricks on sex, love, and relationships!


Kerry’s process has helped me to open up spiritually, physically, and sensually to find my inner peace. Thank you for helping me see the world from clearer eyes.” Alana  J

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