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Do You Want More Pleasure In Your Life?
 Then I may be for you.
Do you want to learn the secrets to amazing sex, have more fulfilling relationships while breaking free of the negative programming that keeps you from having a fulfilling life?
You want more pleasure.
I have some handy tools.

Let's get together and create Magic!
Ready To Begin?
I am all about offering you practical tools through my courses and coaching programs that create a real foundation for passionate and amazing sexual expression.

I show you simple step-by-step processeses that mix modern strategies with tried and true techniques taught through the ages to catapult you to extacy!

Here is what I have to Offer:
Love & Touch
  • My 3 step process to levelling up your pleasure and heightening your sexual experiences.
  • The 5 Limiting Beliefs that hold most of us back from really stepping into pleasure.
  • Why you don't need a partner to be satisfied in the bedroom and what you can do instead!
  • How you can up your Big ‘O’ quotient in the privacy of your own space!"

Feeling for Healing
Coaching Sessions
My one-on-one coaching sessions will open you up to a whole new process of intimacy:
  • Shed your colonial porgramming that has told you that sex is bad or shameful.
  • Get in touch with your sexual pleasure and create a new relationship with your body 
  • Discover new tools to create intimacy with your partner
  • Connect with the essence of your sexual power and reform your life!

Pleasure Practices
Enter the portal of pleasure with my special classes click the link here to begin.....
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Youtube Channel KerrySutraTV
Here's What My Friend's Have To Say...
“Kerry is such a delight to work with. There were many times where I doubted myself, but she kept a positive attitude and push through with love. She is incredibly self-assured and confident, and really digs into the deeper issues with care. Kerry really does care, and it shows. Thank you so much for your services!! -D.G”

Hi, I am Kerry!

I have been dubbed the Queen of Sexy Smooth by my coaching counterparts and in my work with several fortune 500 companies. I have a vibrant Youtube channel KerrySutraTV and have supported many couples and individuals to tap into their best sexual selves. 

But it was not always this way. I was the Queen of failed relationships.

A teen pregnancy.

4 kids with 2 different fathers, and a nasty divorce.

 Let's just say finding a winning strategy for building a solid partnership was not my best strength. 

After getting through the fallout, and moving through the hurt, it caused me to take a hard look at what I was doing.

 I realized that I was caught up in a cycle of disconnection and old beliefs that did not serve me anymore.

I am passionate about changing the face of how we experience sexuality and empowering you to have more generous and authentic sensual experiences.

My Mission Is To Empower YOU

I want to lend a voice to the Divinity of Sex.  To the ultimate power of connection that passion and amazing sex can add into the fabric of our lives. 

Sex simply adds. It adds love, confidence and intimacy, and maybe a baby or two! 

I am all about supporting you to build better love relationships, have amazing sex, and heighten your awareness of your sensual sense. 
Do you want to tap into your sensual power and up your orgasmic experience by 50%?

Check out my simple, do- at- your- pace program:

Love and Touch!
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